Monday, August 5, 2013


The tile had to go
Fine, $15,000 later, gone!

Diane didn't know that she is a serious foodie until the kitchen revival
Now it smells like herbs of which I'd never heard

She tried to make a vegetarian of me
I nearly starved
So we compromised and did it my way
Until she seduced me with salads from the Elysian fields

And flowers from her garden
Gladiolas are blooming now
Those that collapsed in the rain adorn our table
A heavy glass vase supports the tall luxurious boughs

The sun also rises on our silestone counter tops
And stainless steel refrigerator and range

Jaybirds in the firs outside are stunned
In their blue reflections
Their mockery of the serenity within

The kitchen has tasted festivities
Gravel-like gluten-free bread

The silestone will survive us

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