Friday, May 13, 2011

Dvořák Biblical Songs

Michael Dodaro, baritone; Hartwig Eichberg, pianist
Songs Audio 

Darkness and thunderclouds are round about Him
Righteousness and judgment, these are his habitation
Fire and flame He doth send,
His enemies destroyeth in lightning and thunder
And through the world His stormy lightning flashed
earth saw and trembled
Tremblingly waited on His word
Mountains melt like wax when they behold the Lord
Who is God of earth and heaven
They behold the mighty One
The heavens declare His righteousness and the earth his glory.

Lord, thou are my refuge and my hope
And in Thy word I put my trust
Leave me if you persist in doing evil
I will turn back and serve the Lord and seek salvation
Lord, give me strength that I may keep Thy law
And my delight may be in Thee and in Thy statutes
In fear and trembling I stand here in Thy sight
Fearing retribution here before Thy judgment seat

Hear, oh Lord, my fervent prayer
And hide not Thy face from my petition
Bow Thy ear; oh, hear my prayer
Harken to the voice of my supplication
Pained and sore is my heart
The fear of death lies heavy upon me
And terror hath encompassed me
Hear my sighing
Oh, had I wings like the eagles pinions
I would fly far away and be at rest
Far, far away would I fly to hide me in the wilderness
I would escape far from the tempest
Tempest or the fear of death

The Lord is my shepherd
I shall want for nothing
I shall lie in green pastures
And beside the still waters, he leadeth me
He restoreth my soul
In the path of righteousness
He leadeth me for his name’s sake
Even though I must walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I shall fear no evil
For Thou art with me
Thy rod and staff are with me
And they shall comfort me

Songs of gladness I will sing Thee
Telling Thy praises on a psaltery
Oh, let my song find favor in Thine eyes
I will delight in exalting Thee
Every day will I bless Thy holy name
I will bless Thy name for evermore!
Lord my God, I will ever extol Thee
Great is Thy mercy
And who shall declare all Thy greatness and Thy glory?
Oh glory and honor to Thee and to Thy works
In reverence to Thy holiness, I bless Thy mercy
Yea, men shall tell of Thy great kindness
And of Thy wondrous power
And my voice shall proclaim Thy glory and Thy power

Hear, oh Lord, my bitter cry
Lend Thine ear unto my prayer
For Thou hast ever been my strength and shield
And Thou shall trample upon the dread enemy
Let me dwell with Thee, Lord, forever more
Hide me, oh Lord beneath Thy wings
Lord, Thou are indeed my God
Lord, I will seek Thee early
My soul is faint and my body longeth
Yea my flesh longeth after Thee
In a dry and thirsty barren land where there is no water
And thus will I glorify and bless Thee
And lift my hands in prayer and in adoration
Singing Thy praise forever

By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept
When we remembered Thee, O Zion
As for our harps, we hanged them up upon the willow trees
For they that had brought us to misery asked of us a joyful song
Yea, they did speak to us with mocking words
"Sing us now, sing us one of the songs of Zion!"
Then we did answer
"How can we sing to you
How can we sing our glad songs in a strange land?"
Jerusalem, if I should forget Thee
O, Jerusalem, then, then let my right hand forget her cunning.

Oh, Lord, have mercy and turn Thou Thy face to me
For my soul is desolate and sore distressed
The troubles of my heart lie heavy upon me
From my distress bring me out
Have mercy on me
Look at my affliction and my pain
Forgive me all my vanity
Oh, Lord, my soul deliver
Let me not be confounded or put to shame
For I trust in Thee

My eyes will I to the hills lift up
Whence my only help now cometh
My help cometh from the Lord of hosts
For He made the earth and the heavens
For He will not suffer thy foot to be moved, nor shalt thou fall
He that keepeth thee slumbereth not
Behold the keeper of Israel is He
He that keepeth Israel

Oh, sing unto the Lord a joyful song
He with His right hand bringeth victory
Make a joyful noise to greet Him
Oh, earth, rejoice and sing praise
Let the sea roar and the fullness thereof
The teeming earth and they that dwell therein
Floods shall clap their hands; hills be joyful
Praising the Lord and all His wonders!
Dance, ye fields of golden corn
Let earth and sea sing the praises of God, the Lord

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